A Man’s Guide to Choosing the Right White T-Shirt

White tees are awesome! They’re simple and basic, yet essential to all men’s t-shirts collection. The best part?

They match with everything!

But white tees don’t come in one style. They come in different styles and fits like any other t-shirt. You need to know how to choose the perfect white t-shirt for your body and style.

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Feeling skeptical? Don’t panic!

We’ve put together a quick guide on how to choose the perfect white tee! Continue reading to get the scoop!

Get Fitted

No, not by a tailor. By the perfect white tee!

What’s the first most important thing to think about before choosing your shirt? How it fits you. What’s the point of having a great shirt if it doesn’t fit you right?

This is especially true for white tees. Because white tees are simple, there’s not much to look at on them.

Even if you match it with a trendy jacket, how it fits is crucial to your style. Here’s a break down of how to get fitted in your white tee.


Sleeves shouldn’t go further than mid-bicep. They should be lightly snug around your arm: not too tight and not too loose!


If you have a thinner torso, find a shirt that is tailored at the torso. If you’re wider around the torso, find a shirt that gives you a little more space in that area. 


A shirt that is tight fitting around the chest will make your chest look bigger. If this isn’t the look you’re going for, then choose a shirt that doesn’t wrap around as tightly.


The perfect shirt length is right above the belt. You don’t want anyone to see your stomach, and this includes when you raise your arms. But you also don’t want to completely cover your butt! 


You want the shape of the shirt to fit along perfectly with the shape of your body Don’t choose something that won’t show off your physique a little!

Don’t Choke 

The collar and neckline of your shirt emphasize how you’re feeling that day. There are two types of collars: crew and v-neck. Don’t choke when selecting the right one.


The crew neck shirt is good if you have a build to you. Hey Bodybuilders, choose this option! It’s also a good option for men with narrow faces or longer necks.


Less formal than the crew, a v-neck will give the appearance of a longer neck! If you’re more of a stocky build, go with this option. 

Feel As Great As Your Shirt

The material of your shirt matters. And it should feel as great as you. Choose a material that works best with your daily activities. 


It’s the norm. Cotton breathes well and doesn’t rip easily. If you sweat easily, or plan to workout or be in heat, choose cotton. 

Polyester-Cotton Blend

A 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton isn’t as breathable as 100% cotton. But, the chances of it shrinking are significantly less!

Be The Style

Now you know how to pick the perfect white t-shirt, and you’re ready to style. There are tons of outfit options when rocking a plain white t-shirt. If you remember this guide, you’ll be good to go!

But don’t let the fun end there, check out our page for more awesome t-shirt ideas! 


- RetroCat

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